Monday, February 25, 2008

Freedom from war-The Soldier

Soldiers preparing for war give up all their mortalitys and ethics. They become killing machines, trained to terminate and destroy no emotion, like robots. He will not notice small things around him. he steps over things like dead bodies, screaming children, burning homes, and chaos without a second glance. Its hard to keep your sanity, but you have too. The best way to do it is to not over look things, things you would never under normal circumstances over look. Things that once mattered, you lose sight of, and thats how you give your soul to war. In the photo above a fully armed soldier takes time, sets aside his gun, and pats a stray kitten in the streets of Iraq. This is his freedom from war, being a normal human being and not just a war-absorbed soldier.


For my concept folio i chose the concept of Freedom. I think that freedom is something that everyone can relate too, and it is something, i think that people strive for throughout life, such as: Freedom from war, freedom from jail, freedom from stress, freedom from mind and body, and freedom from childhood. the picture above is one of the photos i chose to represent this concept. The Bald Eagle is an American symbol of freedom. This Eagle is soaring over the mountains of Alaska (blurred in backround).